Efabless Empowers 40 Commercial Companies to Design Chips

Efabless platform fuels industry growth and Innovates chip design and manufacturing

  • chipIgnite platform has fueled the creation of new vertical solutions, empowering mission-driven companies
  • More than 1,400 designs developed to date by entrepreneurs and innovators

Palo Alto, Calif., June 24, 2024 (GLOBENEWSWIRE)-- Efabless Corporation, the creator platform for chips, is excited to announce that it has enabled 40 new companies to design chips.

While governments worldwide are investing billions of dollars in production capacity, the semiconductor industry faces consolidation. Simultaneously, there is a rapidly growing demand for new designs to meet the surge of applications driven by secure, energy optimized, machine learning applications.

Efabless is addressing this design gap by making chip design affordable, simple, and accessible. It provides a capital efficient path for new semiconductor companies and enables product companies to create chips that go into smarter and better products. Efabless broadens the community of potential chip designers by 100x, fostering innovation, research, and development in new applications for semiconductors.

By democratizing access to chip design and manufacturing, Efabless is driving the creation of new industries and verticals that will shape the future of technology and innovation. From agriculture, industrial, infrastructure, smart home appliances to quantum computing, aerospace, security, autonomous vehicles, and medical devices, Efabless is enabling entrepreneurs and innovators to develop cutting-edge technologies that are transforming industries and improving lives. 

How Efabless Makes It Possible:
Efabless brings software-style open-source and community models to chip creation, fostering a vibrant community of designers and engineers who collaborate, share designs and IP, and support one another. Efabless provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that simplifies the entire chip design and manufacturing process. 

  • Marketplace: The platform includes an extensive marketplace of reusable IP blocks and reference designs allowing designers to quickly assemble and customize their chip designs.
  • Access to Design Tools: Efabless provides design tools, code, and verification examples accessible through its platform, eliminating the need to develop from scratch.
  • Supply Chain: Once a design is finalized, Efabless manages the supply chain for fabrication, assembly and testing processes, leveraging its partnerships with leading vendors to ensure high-quality production.
  • Cost Efficiency: By streamlining the design-to-manufacturing pipeline, Efabless significantly reduces the cost and time required to bring a custom chip to market, making it accessible to startups and small companies.

Recent customers utilizing Efabless's platform include companies in sensor applications, IoT and industrial controllers, and security, all developing innovative solutions for various applications. Additionally, as part of research projects, chips for AI and medical devices are being created.

"Efabless chipIgnite has been an invaluable tool for broadening participation in chip design. The open-source foundation provides a transparent and accessible platform for users with varying levels of experience, allowing them to delve deeper into the core concepts and focus on design creativity and innovation. chipIgnite will continue to play a critical role in a mature ecosystem that needs new impulses for nurturing the next generation of chip designers," said Boris Murmann. Professor, University of Hawaii and Chair, IEEE SSCS Technical Committee on the Open-Source Ecosystem.

“With the chip industry consolidating, we are excited to reverse the trend by enabling the next generation of chip creators,” said Mike Wishart, CEO of Efabless. “This includes new startups achieving proof of concept to raise funds and secure initial customers, as well as product companies designing chips for new applications. Our platform lowers the threshold for new initiatives, empowering entrepreneurs to create their own chips, start businesses, and generate economic value.”

About Efabless
Efabless offers a platform applying open source and community models to enable a global community of chip experts and non-experts to collaboratively design, share, prototype and commercialize special purpose chips. Over the past three years, 1,400 designs and six hundred tapeouts have been executed on Efabless. The company’s customers include startups, Fortune 500 companies, universities, and research institutions around the world. For more information, please visit www.efabless.com.

Press Contact:
Andrea Vedanayagam