Tiny Tapeout
Design Your First Chip for $300

Learn to build your first chip quickly and affordably with Tiny Tapeout. This platform is ideal for students, makers, university members, or anyone curious about chip design. Tiny Tapeout simplifies the complex world of chip design and makes it accessible for everyone.

Affordable Design Submission

Start your chip design journey for just $300 (larger designs can be accommodated by buying extra tiles for $50.) The price includes:

  • Free Design Tools: Free access to design tools for implementing your project.
  • Dedicated Tile Space: Get one tile offering 160x100um of area, and up to 1000 standard cells.
  • Fabrication and Packaging: We take care of fabricating and packaging your creation into the Tiny Tapeout chip, turning your digital designs into functional silicon. Submitting your design requires a Github account and sharing your design on a public repo.
  • Development Board: Receive a development board plus carrier board featuring your fabricated chip, which also includes all the designs submitted.
  • Digital Datasheet & Testing Instructions: Gain insights with a digital copy of the datasheet that details each of the projects implemented on the chip and instructions on how to test them.

The Next Shuttle is 1st June

Don't miss the launch! Submit your design by 1st June to be a part of the groundbreaking Tiny Tapeout 6. Seize this opportunity to bring your digital designs to life.

Ready to Start

Kickstart your chip design adventure with just a click. Purchase your digital token today and unlock the full potential of Tiny Tapeout.

Showcase of Innovation – Get Inspired!

Explore our Showcase of Innovation, where imagination meets technology. Witness how diverse ideas, from compact CPUs to interactive games, become reality with Tiny Tapeout. https://tinytapeout.com/runs/tt04/

Support for All Skill Levels

No matter where you are in your journey, Efabless has the tools and resources to support you. Dive into a thriving community of 1000+ chip minds, sharing knowledge and expertise. From concept to creation, we're with you every step of the way.

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