Fast, Affordable Prototyping
No Tools or Expertise Required!

The Problem: Chip Design Takes Money, Time and Expertise

Applications need embedded electronics that are right-sized for computing and power consumption. New innovative products can greatly benefit from custom hardware acceleration and instrumentation, but chip design is very expensive, taking time and expertise to develop. For new products which don't have established volume, these hurdles can be insurmountable.

provides a rapid and affordable path to prototyping and low-volume production without the need for tools and expertise

for Startups

Low-cost Development

Access to open-source tools enable low upfront
cost for development.

Accelerated Design

Reference designs and automated design flows
enable rapid development.

You Don't Need to Be an Expert

Guided and automated flows make design easy
for those without IC design experience.


Convert your FPGA design

If you have a design implemented on an FPGA, you can convert that design to custom chip using open-source automated design flows.
You may see better performance, reduced power, and you may be able to integrate additional off-chip functions.

Integrate a discrete design

Have an existing product with a discrete design?
With chipIgnite, you can integrate components on a PC board assembly into a custom chip reducing size, power and cost.


Build a PoC to support further investment

chipIgnite provides a fast low-cost path to create an initial proof-of-concept.
This can be critical to getting future investment or securing strategic customers for your startup.

Eliminate supply chain dependencies

Building your own silicon can reduce your risk of part shortages and cost increases.


Leverage a large design community

Need help? Engage over 2500 community designers to answer questions or get hep with your project.
The design community continues to grow, producing 100's of reference designs that can also be used to jumpstart your project.

Accelerated Development

Traditional chip development takes a team of experts, millions of dollars, and years to implement.
Now you can design a chip in weeks and have parts in your hands in months.