The following video series shows how to get started with chipIgnite including creating a repository, uploading your design and submitting your project for tapeout.

For help implementing a design in Caravel, checkout our video series here demonstrating how to integrate a basic digital design into the user project area within Caravel.

A complete list of video tutorials covering advanced topics will be coming soon.

Getting Started

Caravel Overview

This video provides an overview of the pre-built SoC chip used implement custom chips with chipIgnite.

Setting Up Your Desktop

In this video you’ll learn how to setup your environment in preparation for installing the design tool flow.

Creating a Repository

This video shows how to get started on a chipIgnite project by creating a repository for your design.

Cloning and Setup

This video shows you how to setup your chipIgnite project and tools on your own computer.

Uploading your Design

In this video you’ll learn how to create a project on the Efabless platform, and then upload your design. This process can be used for both public and private project submissions.

Submitting Precheck and Tapeout Jobs

In this video you’ll learn how to submit precheck and tapeout jobs on the Efabless platform.

Creating an SSH Key

In this video you’ll learn how to create an SSH key for pushing your design files to the Efabless platform.