Technology Access Made Easy
and Affordable!

The Problem: Access to fabricating silicon is becoming more limited

Options for silicon fabrication are becoming more challenging and expensive for universities and other research needs. Access to foundry technology can also be challenging, requiring execution of legal agreements and NDA which can be prohibitive and take time to complete.

enables easy access to technology and cost-effective fabrication

for Research

Access to fabrication services

Cost-effective fabrication aggregates
up to 40 projects on a single shuttle.

Open-source technology & reference designs

Easy access to open-source foundry PDK, IP
and reference designs. - just clone directly
from git repos. No NDAs!

Large design community

Leverage expertise and designs from a large and
growing global design community.

Collaborate freely across teams and organizations

Open-source makes sharing design files easy. Share
or work collaboratively across teams sharing all
technical design files and layout.


No legal agreements

Access to the foundry technology, chip reference design, EDA tools and design flow are completely open-source.

There are no NDA or other legal agreements required. All content can be downloaded from git repos.

There are no export control restrictions making it easy to provide access to your all your domestic and international students.

Freely collaborate

No NDAs mean you can freely share design files across teams and organizations including GDS final layout files.

Collaborate with Universities freely including sharing projects, course content, joint design or support design competitions.

Rapid Design

Leveraging reference designs and automated flows enables students to complete a design in a full chip within the time constraints of a single session.

Single session courses can enable students to complete a focused design goal leveraging an existing a template for a full chip.