Introducing Low & Medium Volume
Commercial Chip Production!

: Now Offering Low and Medium Volume Commercial Production!
Reduce your time to market with our quick-turnaround custom chip services.

We're excited to announce the launch of low and medium volume commercial production, broadening your options for bringing your custom chip designs to life. This initiative allows customers to share masks and fabrication costs with others, making low volume production more affordable.

Two commercial production run offerings are available:

  • Tier 1 - supporting 10,000 packaged parts or bare die
  • Tier 2 - supporting 100,000 packaged parts or bare die

The commercial production runs will support both OpenFrame and Caravel-based designs. The Caravel for these runs will include additional capabilities to meet the growing requirements of market applications including improved reliability and low-power features.

Production Run Tapeout Date Parts per Design Markets / Applications
Run 1 April 2024 10,000 Education, Hobby, Toy
Run 2 November 2024 10,000 Consumer, IoT

The first tier 1 production run is scheduled for April 2024, subject to confirmation based on customer demand. This production run is tailored for applications in the Education, Hobby and Toy markets.

A second production run is planned for Q4 of 2024. This run will feature a new version of Caravel, featuring design-for-test functionality and will provide qualification support for Consumer and IoT applications.

Digital-based designs using Caravel, which employs standard cells, can take advantage of the Efabless qualification process. This approach will expedite design-specific qualification and shorten the time-to-market. Designs based on OpenFrame or those using analog or custom devices will need extended qualification testing to ensure compatibility with Consumer or IoT applications.