Rapid and Affordable Prototyping

Are you looking for a rapid and affordable way to prototype and produce low-volume custom chips? chipIgnite is the perfect solution for you. ChipIgnite creates custom chips that meet your specific needs. Our platform is based on open-source tools, reference designs, and automated design flows. No expertise is required, as our platform is designed to be easy to use, even for those without IC design experience.


Low-cost Development: Start your project with minimal upfront expenses using our open-source tools.

Accelerated Design: Bring your ideas to life faster with our reference designs and automated design flows for rapid development.

No Expertise Needed: Don't worry about being an IC design expert; our guided and automated flows make it easy for anyone to design.

Rapid Prototyping: Turn your vision into reality in just weeks, not months, with our efficient prototyping process.

Affordable Solutions: Significantly cut costs compared to traditional IC design methods when you choose chipIgnite.

Join a Thriving Community: Connect with a large Slack community for support, guidance and community design examples.

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The chipIgnite Program includes the following:

  • A pre-built chip with a RISC-V microprocessor
  • Access to design tools based on open-source software
  • 10 mm2 silicon area for your design
  • 38 programmable IOs
  • A fully automated guided design flow
  • Support for either commercial or open-source EDA tools
  • Fabrication of your design
  • Development boards for your custom chip
  • Firmware and test tools

Why ChipIgnite?

Convert Your FPGA Design

Convert your FPGA design into a custom chip using open-source automated design flows. Experience enhanced performance, lower power consumption, and seamless integration of off-chip functions.

Integrate a discrete design

Integrate components on a PC board assembly into a custom chip for size, power, and cost reduction.

Build a PoC to support further investment

Fast-track your startup's success with chipIgnite. Develop an affordable proof-of-concept swiftly, paving the way for future investments and strategic partnerships.

Eliminate supply chain dependencies

Take control of your project's destiny. By creating your own silicon, you can reduce the risk of supply chain uncertainties, part shortages and cost fluctuations.


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