Lanza’s tech vision challenge: daring to move to open source

Lucio Lanza DAC Panel presentation posted to YouTube: LANZA’S TECH VISION CHALLENGE: DARING TO MOVE TO OPEN SOURCE

Along with Lucio Lanza, Mike Wishart, Efabless CEO, joined fellow panelists Warren Savage, CEO of IP Extreme (Now being acquired by Silvaco) and Mark Templeton, former CEO of Artisan Components for a lively conversation on the rapidly changing world of hardware design. Key takeaways:

As Moore’s Law slows, countless new applications and systems will emerge that will require an explosion of specialized and diverse IPs and chips designed on mature process technologies.

These applications will collectively be very large and be additive and complementary to the traditional IC and design markets.

Community design, like that created by Efabless, will play a central role in this new world.

“Open” Everything: Tools, IP, Chips, Systems, Collaboration

Sounds familiar?? Try Efabless.