Efabless Unveils Online Community to Reimagine Chip Design

Open Mixed Signal Design Challenge

Efabless corporation and X-FAB Silicon Foundries today announced the launch of an open mixed-signal design challenge. This challenge gives designers across the globe, of all levels of experience, the opportunity to deliver a completed design for an ultra-low power voltage reference IP. The design challenge emphasizes design creativity and execution quality to meet specific target performance requirements and will be judged on the minimum power consumption of the IP.

The Efabless/X-FAB design challenge, the first of its kind in the semiconductor industry, was created to further ingenuity in IC development. Challenge participants will be provided with access to Efabless’ online design platform with XFAB’s 350nm process technology. Please see the Efabless and X-FAB press release regarding the design challenge.


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Efabless Unveils Online Community to Reimagine Chip Design