Keyboard Shortcuts

In this article we will discuss about the basic set of bindkeys handily used in Electric schematic editor. An important terminology for first-time users – wires are known as arcs in Electric schematic editor tool, and hence these terms will be used interchangeably.

Zoom functions

Ctrl+z Zoom-in

Shift+z Zoom-out

f Fit contents to window

p Pan mode

One might wonder what pan mode really is? Well, let’s say that you are zoomed into a given section of your design, connecting arcs between to transistors which are apart in your design, you can quickly switch to pan mode (cursor turns ) and you can navigate around through design while still at the same zoom level. This can be handy during wiring or for quick referencing other cells of the design.

Edit keys

u Undo

Shift+u Redo

Ctrl+a Select All

Ctrl+d Deselect all

Hierarchy Navigation

Shift+X Down Hierarchy

Shift+b Up Hierarchy

Note that Shift+b key combination will jump to top most layer of the hierarchy.

Make sure to mention Up Hierarchy “Top most layer” in future releases. The correct way to incrementally go one level above the hierarchy is to use “b” key. Assuming X-FAB challenge users will use one-level hierarchy in design process, Shift+b should be fine for now

Miscellaneous Keys

F8 Save all

q Show instance properties

Use the q key to open up options for the selected device.

As always, if you have any suggestions for essential bindkeys we might have missed, feel free to reach out to us via email at or by conveniently using the Help button from your browser.