Create Your Own Custom Chip for Less than $10K

Imagine what your team could create if you could develop a custom analog/mixed signal chip for under $10K? Enter Efabless – for less than $10,000 we enable innovative people like you to realize their ideas in the form of a customized SoC. Our process is not only inexpensive but fast and straightforward.

Open Innovation Hardware Creation Platform

We do that by giving developers access to our “open innovation hardware creation platform.” That’s just another way of saying that we’ve created a user community which sources a variety of open-source IP and software tools you can use to quickly implement your design. Together with Google and SkyWater Technology, who provide the wafer fabrication, we’ve assembled the resources needed to make a community ecosystem effective.

Complete Path from Open IP to Working Silicon

At Efabless we provide a complete path from your design using open and/or vendor IP to working silicon so that you have something tangible to show potential customers. Our platform has three main pillars, all created with a focus on getting you to working silicon as quickly as possible:

  1. IP/Chip Design Hub that includes open source and commercial analog/mixed signal IP including everything from processor cores, memory, interfaces, PLLs as well as analog functions such as ADC, DAC, and voltage regulators.
  2. Complete foundry-supported design toolset to provide a full design implementation and verification flow.
  3. Customer-focused marketplace for community-developed (and verified) hard IP.

New chipIgnite Program Speeds Chip Creation

We just launched our chipIgnite program specifically to enable rapid chip design creation and fabrication. We provide a pre-designed carrier chip which includes a RISC-V processor and subsystem along with ten square millimeters, enough for a full featured RISC-V SoC with memory, accelerator, and IO interfaces of user-determined IP, bundled together on a wafer shuttle targeting SkyWater’s SKY130 open PDK (130nm process.) This approach allows us to offer 100 or 300 devices (depending on package) for just $9,750. The design process is supported by our complete EDA design flow as well as proprietary tools and is open to everyone for just a $200 deposit.

To Learn More…

The next shuttle is departing soon, so hurry if you are interested in learning more. For full details on the program, visit or contact

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