The Efabless Open MPW Shuttle Program provides fabrication for fully open-source projects using the SkyWater Open Source PDK announced by Google and SkyWater.

The shuttle provides opportunities for designers to experiment and push the state-of-the-art without having to reconcile the risk associated with the cost of fabrication.

The shuttle program is open to anyone, provided that their project is fully open source and meets the other program requirements. The first shuttle run is planned for November of 2020 with more scheduled for 2021. Costs for fabrication, packaging, evaluation boards and shipping are covered by Google for this program.

Project Submission Requirements

The following project requirements must be met in order to qualify for inclusion on the shuttle program:

  • The project must be targeted on the currently-supported SkyWater Open PDK for the 130nm process.
  • The project must be posted on a git-compatible repo and be publicly accessible.
  • The top-level of the project must include a LICENSE file for an approved open-source license agreement. Third-party source code must be identified and source code must contain proper headers.
  • The repo must include project documentation and adhere to Google's inclusive language guidelines.
  • The project must be fully open. The project must contain a GDSII layout, which must be reproducible from source contained in the project.
  • Projects must use a common test harness and padframe based on the Caravel repo. The projects must be implemented within the user space of the layout and meet all requirements for the Caravel.
  • Projects must successfully pass the Open MPW precheck tool, including LVS and DRC clean using the referenced versions of OpenLane flow.


  • November 12, 2020: Project submission is open
  • November 30, 2020: Project submission is closed
  • February, 19, 2021: Tapeout complete
  • July 5, 2021: Expected wafer run complete, packaging and assembly begins
  • September 6, 2021: Parts and assembled boards shipped to project owners


Request Info Category Owner / Company Open Date Status
PyFive Info Open MPW Sylvain Munaut / PyFive Nov 25, 2020 Open
Loester SoC Info Open MPW Loester Franco Botelho / VLSI System Design Nov 30, 2020 Open
Jean Cyr Info Open MPW Jean Cyr / Self Nov 30, 2020 Open
FPGA250 Info Open MPW Arya Reais-Parsi / University of California, Berkeley Dec 01, 2020 Open
Azadi SoC Info Open MPW Zeeshan Rafique Apr 20, 2021 Open
multi project v2 Info Open MPW Matt Venn Apr 28, 2021 Open
Philipp Gühring Info Open MPW Philipp Gühring / LibreSilicon Association Nov 22, 2020 Open
Jecel Mattos de Assumpção Jr, Merik Voswinkel Info Open MPW Merik Voswinkel / Fiberhood Nov 24, 2020 Open
vdp-lite Info Open MPW Dan Rodrigues Nov 25, 2020 Open
EF-Openfpga Info Open MPW Manar Abdelatty / Efabless Nov 30, 2020 Open
BHawandeep SIngh Info Open MPW Bhawandeep Singh May 03, 2021 Open
LibreSilicon StdCells Info Open MPW Philipp Gühring May 16, 2021 Open
DSP48 and DAC Info Open MPW Bittu N Nov 28, 2020 Open
Alvaro Jover-Alvarez, Cristina Peralta-Quesada, Leonidas Kosmidis and Iván Rodriguez-Ferrández Info Open MPW Álvaro Jover Álvarez / UPC/BSC Nov 26, 2020 Open
Bryce Readyhough, Md Munir Hasan, Michael Stetzler Info Open MPW Michael Stetzler / UNC Charlotte Nov 25, 2020 Open
SOFA HD Info Open MPW Xifan Tang / UNIVERSITY OF UTAH Nov 27, 2020 Open
q-rib Info Open MPW Dimitri del Marmol / 0x01 Nov 29, 2020 Open
General Purpose OpAmp - Fundacion Fulgor Info Open MPW Diego Hernando / Fundación Fulgor Nov 28, 2020 Open
OpenTDC Info Open MPW Tristan Gingold / Tristan Gingold Nov 29, 2020 Open
Ibtida SoC Info Open MPW Muhammad Hadir Khan / Micro-Electronics Research Laboratory Nov 28, 2020 Open
Affan Abbasi Info Open MPW Affan Abbasi Nov 29, 2020 Open
Softshell Info Open MPW Harrison Pham Nov 30, 2020 Open
hs32-latte Info Open MPW Kevin Mack Baragona / HomebrewSiliconClub Nov 30, 2020 Open
OpenFPGA-AP3-1 Info Open MPW K.C. Yap / QuickLogic Nov 30, 2020 Open
M and J Aamold Info Open MPW Matt Aamold Nov 30, 2020 Open
FWPayload Info Open MPW Matthew Ballance Nov 29, 2020 Open
Chameleon SoC Info Open MPW M. Shalan / Efabless Nov 30, 2020 Open
Caravel Plus Info Open MPW M. Shalan / Efabless Nov 30, 2020 Open
Ghazi SoC Info Open MPW Zain Rizwan Khan / Micro Electronics Research Laboratory Nov 28, 2020 Open
linsorter Info Open MPW Vladimir Milovanović Dec 01, 2020 Open
Spectravel Info Open MPW Vladimir Milovanović / NOVELIC Nov 25, 2020 Open
pifive Info Open MPW Anish Singhani Dec 01, 2020 Open
antmicro-aes Info Open MPW Michael Gielda / Antmicro Dec 04, 2020 Open
N5 SoC Info Open MPW M. Shalan / The American University in Cairo Nov 30, 2020 Open
Matt Venn Info Open MPW Matt Venn Nov 23, 2020 Open
SOFA-CHD Info Open MPW Xifan Tang / University of Utah Dec 15, 2020 Open
Astria Info Open MPW Astria Nur Irfansyah / ITS Surabaya Dec 01, 2020 Open
RISCV_OSU Info Open MPW James Stine / Oklahoma State University VLSIARCH Dec 16, 2020 Open
RAPcores Info Open MPW Steve Kelly / RAPCores Dec 19, 2020 Open
Anton Blanchard Info Open MPW Anton Blanchard / IBM Dec 31, 2020 Open