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Azadi_II public

Azadi mpw4

This project is the extended version of Azadi-SoC, which includes all of the peripherals which...

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Demo public

Shivani Shah

Hello world!

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Ibtida-II public

Merl Uit

This submission is for Ibtida-I which was selected for the First MPW Shuttle. Due to the issues...

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ieee sscs pico chip... public

Hisham Elreedy

online precheck for ieee sscs pico chip 5 of sscs21

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Logic BIST public


Logic BIST with Scan Chain to detect struck at fault

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RAM_Generator public

hamza shabbir

This project is for the testing purpose. We wanted to test the memory generated using SRAM as a...

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riscduino-R1 public


A arduino pin compatible RISC V Project

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yifive_a2 public

Manikantasai2 | https://univisiontechnocon.com/

RISC-V based sub system