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4x8 CGRA Prototype public

Po-Han Chen

A coarse grained reconfigurable array that enables hardware acceleration for applications...

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AFTx06_Caravel public

John Martinuk | https://engineering.purdue.edu/SoC-Team/about

Purdue's University's Socet Undergraduate Team Creates Soc's, Aimed To Be Integrated Into Low...

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Cryptochip public

Kylee Krzanich

Cryotochip is a RISC-V SoC tightly coupled with several cryptographic accelerators including a...

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EAMTA 2021 projects public


Collection of student's projects developed in the Argentine School of Micro-Nanoelectronics,...

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Open PMIC V1 public

Weston Braun

A current mode buck converter

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open source phy_2106Q public


high-speed PHY

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OsciBearIgnite public

Dan Fritchman | https://github.com/ucberkeley-ee290c

Berkeley student-designed wireless SoC, featuring a RISC-V Rocket processor, hardware AES...

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This is a BOOM RISC-V OoO Core SoC.

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sermo-soc public

Tayyeb Mahmood | https://www.uet.edu.pk/

An industrial motor control SoC for sensored DC servos and sensorless AC FoC applications. Sermo...

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Standalone... public

John Kustin

An educational bandgap reference circuit using a 1.8v supply based on the Banba...

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Stanford... public

John Kustin

A Bandgap Reference Circuit Based On The Banba Architecture Made For Stanford's Ee272b: Design...

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VCO-Based-ADC public

Duy-Hieu Bui | http://uet.vnu.edu.vn/~hieubd

This project implements a VCO-Based ADC on skywater 130nm for IoT. This is a sigma-delta ADC...

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Wakey Wakey public

Jhoneldrick Millares

Reconfigurable Wake Word Accelerator