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Alex Sheldon

Electrical Engineering PhD Student focusing on low noise analog and RF circuits

Rana Muhammad Shahid Jamil

An aspiring Analog/RF IC designer aiming to make a difference through existing knowledge and innovative ideas.

Yashas L.R

Graduate Student and Research Assistant at the MM-Wave, THZ and Photonics Lab (MTP), Arizona State University

Camilo Tejeiro

RF/AIC Design

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Francisco Brito Filho

Electronic Engineer with experience in RF/AMS IC Design and other electronics and telecommunications projects. Served in working groups and also as leader. Has also experience in entrepreneurship. PhD in Microelectronics. Currently Adjunct Professor at Federal University of Semi-Árid Region - UFERSA and Head of LIEB/LAMERF Research Labs where develop R&D projects in the areas of instrumentation, biomedical engineering, RF/MW circuits and microelectronics.

David Wentzloff

Professor at UM Co-founder of Everactive BoD member at Movellus



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