GreenPAK Arduino Shield Challenge

  • DEADLINE: Oct 22, 2018
  • STARTS: Sep 25, 2018

The Dialog GreenPAK devices provides unmatched flexibility and mixed signal design. This challenge is to design an Arduino shield that utilizes a SLG46824 or SLG46826 GreenPAK device as part of its functionality.

You could make a device that expands the IO of the Arduino or that allows you to drive RGB LEDs, expand the IO of your microcontroller, or anything you can dream up!

GreenPAK is easy to learn and use (see videos).  A sample shield design with GreenPAK program is provided to get you started!

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Sponsored by

Dialog Semiconductor and


Expected time to complete

Learn GreenPAK 1 hr.
Complete the project design 1.5 hr+
Verification 1 hrs.
Documentation 3 hrs.


Challenge closed


Challenge Details

Participants are challenged to design an Arduino shield that utilizes a GreenPAK SLG46824 or SLG46826 device as part of its functionality.  The purpose of the shield is to prototype an application or use-case for a new Smart Product or IoT device.

The design can support any Arduino in the market (Uno/Mega/Yun, etc.).  The board should support in-system programming of the Dialog GreenPAK device.

The deliverables should include schematics, layout, GreenPAK programming file (gp3), as well as documentation.  Software source code for the Arduino should be included in applicable.  The partipant does not need to build a sample board or provide functional verfication results for the initial round.

A final round will consist of the top 3 scoring submissions.  Efabless will build sample boards for each of these three designs and provide them back to the participants.  The final participants are requested to provide functional verfication of the designs for the final evaluation results.

An example design is provided for your reference.  You may start with this design or create a design from scratch.



Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 participants as follows.  

1st Place $1000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $250


Results will be posted on the efabless website and participants who place will received a badge as part of their profile on the efabless site.





 Each successful submission must include:

  1. EDA Design of an Arduino compatible shield (Eagle/Altium/KiCad) 
  2. Bill of Materials
  3. Documentation on the design and how it is used

For the top three submission in the final round, these additional deliverables are required:

  • Functional verification results
  • GreenPAK programming file
  • Picture of test setup
  • Short-video demo


Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be scored on a 5-point scale across the following categories:

  1. Documentation
  2. Design Quality
  3. Usefulness/Market Value
  4. Creativity
  5. Extensibility
  6. Completeness of the Software/Firmware (including GreenPAK Designer test benches)
  7. Engineering Gusto (Difficulty/Complexity/Elegance)


Ownership of Designs

Efabless will own all designs for which prizes are awarded, as provided further in the Challenge Terms.   As such, effective upon selection of your Entry as a winner, you agree to assign and do hereby assign to Efabless all of your right, title, and interest, including intellectual property rights, in and to the winning Entry.


General Outline

  • Register online at
  • Review challenge overview and target design specifications
  • Accept the challenge and start.
  • Submit a completed design by the design due date.
  • Check back at to see if you have won.


Key Milestones

  • Challenge Launch - September 25th, 2018
  • Design Submissions Due - October 22nd, 2018
  • Results Announcement - October 29th, 2018



Terms & Conditions


Last Updated: September 22, 2017

Thank you for your interest in participating in a design challenge administered by efabless (each such challenge, the “Challenge”). These Design Challenge Terms (the “Challenge Terms”), together with the efabless Terms of Service (the “Terms”), into which these Challenge Terms are incorporated by reference, govern your participation in the Challenge. By participating in any Challenge (including by submitting IPs, ICs, software programs or other designs in connection with any such Challenge), you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to accept and be bound by these Challenge Terms and the Terms in connection with your participation in any Challenge.

  1. Eligibility.
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  2. Entry.
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    2. Evaluation. Each eligible Challenge Entry will be evaluated by an industry expert or experts selected by the Sponsor, based on the Entry’s performance, which will be measured based on one or more specific performance criteria, which may or may not be disclosed at the time of entry (the “Evaluation Criteria”). Where multiple performance criteria are to be measured, criteria may be weighted separately to evaluate overall performance, and such weighting may or may not be disclosed at the time of entry. Participants agree that Sponsor has the final decision on determining, in its sole discretion the best performing Entry. The Sponsor may determine that there is no Entry in a particular Challenge that qualifies for an applicable Prize if no Entry attained a performance that is deemed not to satisfy the Evaluation Criteria (including a decision that, where there are multiple Prizes available, that fewer than the number of available Prizes are Winning Entries). As used herein, “Winning” Entries are those Entries, if any, that Sponsor chooses to award Prizes based on performance above and beyond meeting eligibility requirements, and expressly exclude any standard Prize issued merely for participation and/or meeting minimum eligibility requirements, and the user submitting a Winning Entry will be referred to herein as a “Winner”
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Who is eligible to to participate in the challenge?

Eligible participants must be 18 years or older and meet the general requirements for membership to the efabless site.  See our site Terms of Service for more details.

Can I participate in one challenge if I missed another?

Absolutely. The  idea of the challenge series is to open up each round to everyone. You can participate in any or all of the challenges the series. Keep in mind you have the chance to win more prizes the more challenges you participate in and increase your chances of being the overall winner.

I have a question that isn’t answered in the datasheet, Challenge Entry Page, or FAQ. What should I do?

Check out Dialogs’s numerous application notes, found here. Still having problems? Go to the Challenge Detail page and click the help widget in the lower right corner of the page to submit a help request.  An administrator will do their best to assist, so long as it’s not directly related to a challenge requirement.

I have finished my design, how do I submit it for scoring?

Once you have completed your design go to the General Challenges and click on the “Submit Design” icon.  Select the challenge for which you are submitting the design, include  the design files and documentation listed under deliverables for the challenge and click “Save Design”.  The submission page will provide you with immediate confirmation message on the page once your submission is received. Please note if the deadline has passed you will not be able to upload your design.  

How do I view the results of my design submissions?

Once you have submitted your design you can check the status of your submission by going to the Challenge Detail and clicking on the “My Design Submissions” icon.  All of your submissions will appear on this page and and scoring will be reflected in the list.

I missed the submission deadline. What should I do?

We cannot accept submissions after deadlines have passed. Deadlines are always the end of the day (midnight) specified on the Challenge Entry Page “deadline” field (all times are Pacific Time).  

When are designs scored?

Scoring will occur after the challenge design submission deadline.  Scoring should be completed within a week of the challenge closing time.

Can I submit more than one design per challenge?

Yes, however, only your most recent submission will be considered, regardless of its score or whether it meets the minimum criterion.

Can I edit a submission?

No.  If you need to change a submission simply upload another version and it will take precedence over prior submissions.

How does scoring work and what are the criteria?

Scoring is based on a 1-5 value across the categories list on the Challenge Detail page.  A final score

Can I view other participants submissions?

All design submissions are kept private.  However, you will have the option to make your results visible to others on your profile.  

How are winners announced?

Once the challenge deadline passes and all scoring is complete winners will be posted on the Challenge Entry Page.   The challenge will contain a “Winners” tab once the winners are announced. You can easily return to challenges you have participated in by going to the General Challenges dashboard and clicking on the “My Design Submissions” icon.

I won, what do I do next?

Well done!  You will receive an email from acknowledging your accomplishment.  You will receive further instructions after completion of the challenge series when prizes will be sent.  This will include any additional information and agreements from you needed to receive your award.

Does Efabless own my submission if I do not win?

No, Efabless will only own designs for which prizes are awarded, as provided further in the Challenge Terms

What will Efabless do with designs submitted in the Challenge?

Efabless will only own designs for which prizes are awarded.  For winning submissions, Efabless is planning to post those designs in our marketplace as a open-source project and reference design.  The designer will be listed in the marketplace and in the open-source project.

I would like to sponsor a challenge, what do I do?

If you would like to sponsor a challenge project please send us an email.

I have a request for a custom design, what do I do?

If you would like to make a request please send us an email.



What is the input impedance seen at the analog pin?

It depends on the analog block used and its configuration (buffer, low bandwidth, gain and so on). The ACMP input is in range of GOhms for gain selection 1x. However, allow for at least 0.1 uA. due to leakage from ESD protection structure.

What is propagation delay time of GreenPAK?

This greatly depends on the design factors: blocks used, how many connections were made, VDD, operating temperature and so on. Please refer to the "Timing Estimator" section in the datasheet for more detailed information.

How is quiescent current defined and how is it so low?

The quiescent current is defined as the current for the design when all inputs and outputs are static, and oscillator and analog blocks are in operational mode if enabled in the design. Very low current consumption is made possible by GreenPAK's capability to dynamically turn on oscillator and analog blocks for the time during which they are required.

What is the state of the pins at power on and during the power on sequence?

All PINs are in High Impedance state at power on and during the power on sequence.

How can the Dev board emulate the design if the part is OTP?

The chip has NVM memory that is used for storing data when it is turned off and is one-time programmable. After powering up the data is being copied to the register (buffer), from where it is used to configure the chip. In the emulation mode the NVM is not used, chip configuration is being directly written to the buffer. So, even the chip is one-time programmable, using of emulation mode practically does not have restrictions.

How do I simulate an external pullup?

There are two ways to do this. 1) Add a source to your output pin.  In the settings of that source (right click->"Edit configuration"), Enable "Customize source", and edit the resistance to the Pullup value desired.  2) Use an internal pullup on the GreenPAK pins.


Congratulations to Chris Burgess winner of the GreenPAK Arduino Shield Challenge.